Wild and Wise is a lifestyle design philosophy created to empower women to live activated lives filled with Passion, Purpose and Possibility beyond the norm.

Through a combination of personal development and life skills, that embrace the arts, meditation and self inquiry time in nature, combined with powerful business building and marketing education and tools, Wild and Wise assists you in facing and rocking this life with a stronger sense of self, an activated creativity, and a powerful skillset that allows you access to creating the most abundant fulfilling life you can dream up!


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Wild & Wise

Wild & Wise is a kick ass approach to life! It is a way of living as a naturally authentic being, grounded in self love and respect for all life, and pulsating with passionate purpose, limitless possibility and peak potential.  

Our nature is untameable and free. The Wild & Wise move thru the world with a clear sense of self awareness and personal responsibility. We don’t fear solitude and know it to be our ally in self discovery.

Check out the Wild & Wise Blog for lifestyle design tips, spiritual support and insightful readings.  Explore Roots Culture and Rhythm and connect to the Primal Pulse with the Rhythm & Roots Blog and learn about Wild & Wise Retreats,  and what is possible through  Mentoring with Cheri Shanti.



Muse Power

Welcome to the Official Home Page & blog for the book  “Muse Power: How To Heal Depression and the Symptoms of Modern Culture by Recreational Music Making.”

Music unlocks our soul and opens our hearts. We all intuitively know this, and this knowingness allows the wisdom of the ages to flow when we come together in this ancient way of sharing songs, dances and the rhythms of life.

The Muse Power blog is a great resource for community building through music and expressive arts filled with insights, tips and information on the value of Recreational Music Making for your community.  

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