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What is self confidence? Self confidence is learning to trust yourself. You know what’s right for you–you always have and you always will–but oftentimes you don’t believe yourself enough follow through.

We were all born with a Divine Plan, a reason for existence, and to fulfill that reason is to seek a higher purpose. Only those who are able to listen to themselves can do so.

You have the ability to trust your own Ultimate Truths, but by living under the oppressive regime of the Old Paradigm, you’ve forgotten how to properly trust yourself enough to listen.

With my help, you can learn to shed those useless layers of Old Paradigm guilt, fear, and doubt in order to rediscover your trust in yourself.

How to Have Confidence | Living with the New You

Once you have regained your self confidence–or self trust–you will begin to see the benefits immediately.

Some of the various ways in which a healthy sense of self confidence can positively affect your life include:

  • A heightened sense of happiness
  • A greater percentage of successes
  • A finer scrutiny of the Old Paradigm’s lies
  • A better outlook on your life’s work

The new you–the one who is now living with a greater sense of self confidence–is someone who is able to create the world around them in the image that will best serve their Highest Good.

If you are tired of being a follower and are ready to start being a creator, then it’s time you turned your back on the negative ways of the Old Paradigm and started walking towards the warm light of the New Paradigm, where self confidence is a way of life and happiness is found every day.

But self confidence is all about you. When it begins to negatively impact the people around you, then you’ve strayed from the path. Too much self confidence is never an issue. The real issue comes with fear, which is a basic tenet of the Old Paradigm. When you worry that your self confidence isn’t enough, that the people around you have more than you, or that you can’t find success without boasting, then you know your confidence has been lost and been replaced with fear.

This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it may happen to you. The trick is to learn how to catch it before it takes over your life.

How to Regain Confidence | Finding What Was Lost

If fear has replaced confidence in your life, then it’s time to stop, take stock of where you are and what you’ve become, and then decide to make the change and find what you have lost.

We were all born with a great deal of self confidence and it was only by living in the Old Paradigm that we lost it. Now, when you are regaining it, you are also reclaiming your place in the world, which is rightfully in the New Paradigm.

Understanding and trusting that you have a reason for being, that your opinion matters, and that your contribution to life is of vast importance–these are the steps to regaining and reclaiming your lost self confidence.