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Muse Power


Recreational Making Music is proven effective for helping to manage depression and other symptoms of modern culture! This book can open your eyes to a way of living where joy and creativity bring you back into connection with yourself, community and a healthier life!

Product Description

9781933983080-frontcoverforkindleRecreational Making Music is proven effective for helping to manage depression and other symptoms of modern culture! This book can open your eyes to a way of living where joy and creativity bring you back into connection with yourself, community and a healthier life! 


What Readers have been saying:

“Rich and Insightful”

“Cheri has created a rich and insightful book on the far reaching impact of music on today’s society as well as it’s importance to us as individuals. She has woven together, not only very provocative research and important facts about sound and psychology, but also her own moving experiences in one of the human race’s most valuable resources: music.”
Ty Burhoe, Professional Tabla Player, Student of Zacchir Hussein

“Feminine Insight”

“I have taught drums with Cheri on several occassions and this book is great as I feel that I can continue learning from Cheri. Cheri has such great energy and brings such a unique blend of feminine insight, power and passion to the art of drumming. Muse Power reminds us of the healing power of music as a way of building community and relationships. I love drumming, community and relationships and so does Cheri! Thanks Cheri, I love what you are doing! Bravo on creating this great educational journey.”
Royel “Futureman” Wooten of the Grammy Award Winning Band, The Flecktones

Moxy Women Article featuring Cheri Shanti: Music with Purpose http://www.moxywomen.com/article.php?id=82

Conscious Dancer Review: Fall 2009 Issue

“Craving something deeper?” asks Cheri Shanti. “Music heals us; music brings us together; music builds community; music is the universal language of all time, all space. This is your invitation!” In Cheri’s eyes, each of us is capable of being a musician, and by doing so we can experience a greater sense of community, feeling of belonging,and the ability to overcome depression, anxiety and deep seated fears.

As shown throughout Shanti’s own story and those shared in this book, the experiences of playing music, dancing, drumming and participatory music making can create mysterious openings and transformations in our lives. These opportunities allow us to explore our longing for human connection in ways that modern culture does not: Western society’s usual space for tribal experience-the bar or nightclub-may capitalize on the vital human need to be together, but it capitalizes equally on disconnection, depression and anxiety. There is indeed a hunger for a deeper community sharing in a place more sacred than a bar.

Shanti offers insight into how to overcome our fears and “I can’t do it” programming around the sacred and magical play of music-making so that we can bring it into our lives as a daily practice. No matter your experience level, “Muse Power” is likely to touch something in you and entice you to play, dance, sing and share.

Conscious Dancer, Volume 8, Fall Issue page 38

Inspiring Woman Shines With her New Book
Reviewed May 4, 2009 5/5 stars

Cheri’s new book shares her deep trust in the value of rhythm and community music making as a healing tool for all of us. Entitled “Muse Power – How Recreational Music Making Heals us from Depression and Other Symptoms of Modern Culture”, her book presents the facts, supported by many stories from her own experience, to help us understand what she has always seemed to grasp.

I share many of the same experiences, of how drumming and music making has helped me come alive from within after a time of deep sadness when my wife passed. And drumming has helped me find my own individual voice, rather than paying so much attention to what other people think or how other people see me. I would love to see a time when we all practiced music making as a beautiful part of daily life, connecting with other people without words that get in the way. Hooray Cheri for being a pioneer, even when your family and friends might not see the value of what you are doing….. yet.” Robert Hensley, Musician/Entrepreuner, Diamond Expert

“A New Spark”

“I have been reading your book each night, I am in awe, and you have created a new spark for me! It is funny how many of your philosophical insights into traditional rhythm and ceremony hold their place and are very important for cultural significance and the passing of history, lore, and tradition, etc., yet you also strongly emphasize the importance of creating music based on the unique energy of the group, the mesh of energy from a variety of individuals creating new music that is dynamic and based the combination of the individuals that are present. This is also what I believe. I know that often structure is important, but I have also heard and participated in some amazing circles that were grounded in no specific foundation; thus, Recreational Music Making, and allowing each individual to reveal their being, giving them the space to play, and honoring their effort, not judging their performance. The train must run away before it can find it’s rhythm!”

Client: Mark Gibson, Western College, Gunnison, CO

“Healing Magic

“Cheri definitely channels the powers of the muses when she performs as a singer, or leads the circles of ecstatic percussion. This book is yet another manifestation of her incredible and beautiful energy: a welcome contribution to the growing testimony to the healing magic of music.”
Cameron Powers, “Musical Missions of Peace”

“I got your book and love it….so interesting and totally true and inspiring. The world needs a whole lot more of your wisdom!!” Raquelle Renner 

“Goddess of Rhythm you truly be. The book is great. Read intro, chapter one, so far…. And I totally relate to everything you are saying about finding your own voice as you drum, same here. And not just focusing on a tradition, but creating our own tradition here. I would love to do more of that unobstructed “inner voice” kind of drumming as I call it, so we will see what comes.”

Rob H